Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Exactly this time one year ago, I was calling the Doctor's office to get the results of my biopsy. I was told that they would call to give me the results as soon as they got them, but days later had not heard anything. I remember talking to the nurse and her words were filled with guilt and worry. "Yes, Mrs. Westbrook. We do have your results (pause) but the Doctor wanted to be the one to talk to you about them."
"Oh really?" I said, because I was told that the results would be told to me over the phone..quick and easy. Then God took a hold of my heart and prepared me for what was about to come. He calmed my racing heart and said be still. I called my husband and had him meet me up at the doctor's office.
When I got there I was met with stares and a few whispers, and a nurse who was especially apologetic. We were quickly rushed back to a room. It seemed like we waited forever in that small room. I remember talking to Nick and telling him that I felt like it was cancer. "Just wait and see what he says."
When the Doctor came in, he talked and talked but never once used the word that I was waiting to hear. He said that my blood work was fine, I had neither a hyper or hypothyroid. He mentioned surgery, removing the tumor, it was a solid mass, the size of it was about 3cm, used terms that I didn't know anything about at the time, but would soon be all to familiar to me. Finally I just looked at him and said..."is it cancer?". He nodded and looked down like he thought I would fall apart in the chair. "It's fine," I assured him. God will take care of me. He mentioned only taking one half of my thyroid so that I could still function without medicine and I had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. He wanted to schedule the surgery as soon as possible. But I wanted to get a second opinion about this cancer that was in my body. I wanted it gone, all of it...gone.

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