Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Here's a picture of Laney Grace and her sweet friend!!

My Dr. apt. went well yesterday. My surgeon spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining what steps where yet to come. I was comforted that she didn't seem worried about the 2 lymph nodes that were found. I will have a full body scan in July to give a more detailed explaination. After reading this report, I am amazed at how our body functions. All these little details that God created to allow our body to thrive, it's powerful how intimate he is!!
The Drs. are really concerned about my levels and want them to go down A LOT! My medicine has changed to the brand name and a higher dose. She also stressed the importance of allowing my body to rest and recover. I'll go back in a month for more bloodwork. I'm just praying that my body will absorb the medicine and that I can get back to normal! I never knew how much I loved "normal" until all of this happened!
I am so thankful for the care that I've received at Emory. My doctors are amazing! They are on the cutting edge on researching, treating, and truly caring for their patients.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I hope you dance!

Here's one picture from Laney Grace's dance recital. I have a few more that I can post later! It was so fun to see her dancing, so carefree and loving life! Reminded me a little bit of me when I was a little girl, especially when she was galloping...I'll try to post that video! On another note, I am getting ready to go to the Emory again this morning. My levels came back a 7.7. They are extremely high, they need to be a 0.01. I am meeting with my surgeon so she can do a physical and go over the results from the scan.