Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Beach Trip

I feel like I have been postponing this post because I wanted things to be picture perfect but we all know that is not how life is! So here's my story. Well....the week before we left was filled with sickness. Hallie had pink eye, Laney Grace sounded sick. I had an eye infection and had not been feeling well at all. I decided that I would take a trip to the Dr. just in case. I am glad I did b/c he said that I was on the verge of getting phenomena. Just what I needed to start my vacation, a large dose of medicine!

The trip and the beach were truly amazing. That is my little piece of paradise each year that leaves me refreshed and grateful! I absolutely love the place that we stay and the owner is generous enough to let us stay for free which is amazing ! I love being at the beach and seeing how beautiful Gods creation is and yet so detailed. Having kids has taken my understanding to a whole new level. In the business of life we forget to throw our hands up and praise him or we think we are just beyond that.

Well...I am not. I may not run on the beach and laugh like my little girls do, but inside my heart overflows. I am blessed. I am loved...by the very creator who made me and knows me full well. I think I have been waiting on my one year mark to look back and say, whew that was tough but we made it. God is showing me that He is much bigger than that. Its not about me...He wants all the glory for my healing and He holds my life in His hands. I may not feel great everyday or even feel like praising Him everyday, but I should and I trust that He holds my future and YOURS in His hands. I am left here on my knees and urge you to do the same. Please pray that God will heal my body but before u do that make sure to thank Him for all the blessings we have already taken for granted. May God bless you beyond what you can even imagine....

We went to church at the beach

Ate lots of ice cream at the sugar shack

Watched and cheered for Nick during his triathlon...which he placed 4th in the age group by the way!

and played in the ocean and the pool! It was a great vacation!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Okay, I know most people know all about this blogging world, but I am still learning!! So, I changed the look of my blog, to this! I love shabby chic and the white frame is my favorite of all. Pretend that it's a mirror because I have no idea how to make a picture appear in there.

So my *reflective* thoughts for today are it's almost been ONE YEAR! This weekend marks the "anniversary" of my "first" ER visit. Here's a recap, I was talking to Laney Grace one morning and started to feel really dizzy, my words became slurred, my vision was blurry and I lost feeling in my right arm. I had a ongoing headache that had not gone away for 3 weeks and was in a lot of pain. So, I went to the ER and waited for them to do a cat scan, lots of blood work and tests. I found out that I had been through what they call a complex or classic migraine.

Oh no, I thought, we were supposed to go on vacation to the beach today, my favorite trip of the year. That really was my first thought, then I thought about how crazy all of this was for a person who rarely had headaches let alone migraines. Then I started to worry, what did this all mean, what caused it, is there something seriously wrong?

After a migraine "cocktail" at the hospital and several prayers later, I returned home. My outlook was starting to change, but I would have never imagined all that this one year had in store. God only allowed me to see directly in front of me. Which happened to be a nice relaxing trip...to Rosemary Beach. I had no idea if or when I would have my next episode, all I could do was trust and put one foot of faith in front of the other.

***side note*** We are leaving tomorrow to go on the same vacation trip to Rosemary Beach. Nick has his race, then we stay for a few more days and enjoy each other and the beach!