Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Okay, I know most people know all about this blogging world, but I am still learning!! So, I changed the look of my blog, to this! I love shabby chic and the white frame is my favorite of all. Pretend that it's a mirror because I have no idea how to make a picture appear in there.

So my *reflective* thoughts for today are it's almost been ONE YEAR! This weekend marks the "anniversary" of my "first" ER visit. Here's a recap, I was talking to Laney Grace one morning and started to feel really dizzy, my words became slurred, my vision was blurry and I lost feeling in my right arm. I had a ongoing headache that had not gone away for 3 weeks and was in a lot of pain. So, I went to the ER and waited for them to do a cat scan, lots of blood work and tests. I found out that I had been through what they call a complex or classic migraine.

Oh no, I thought, we were supposed to go on vacation to the beach today, my favorite trip of the year. That really was my first thought, then I thought about how crazy all of this was for a person who rarely had headaches let alone migraines. Then I started to worry, what did this all mean, what caused it, is there something seriously wrong?

After a migraine "cocktail" at the hospital and several prayers later, I returned home. My outlook was starting to change, but I would have never imagined all that this one year had in store. God only allowed me to see directly in front of me. Which happened to be a nice relaxing Rosemary Beach. I had no idea if or when I would have my next episode, all I could do was trust and put one foot of faith in front of the other.

***side note*** We are leaving tomorrow to go on the same vacation trip to Rosemary Beach. Nick has his race, then we stay for a few more days and enjoy each other and the beach!


  1. Gives me goosebumps reading this Brooke, you have gone through so much this past year and come out a stronger person through it all. Enjoy the beach! And BTW shabby is my favorite, loving the updated look!

  2. Thanks so much Katie! I am so glad your hubby is back now! I know you are thrilled! :)