Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This last year has been a blur of what seemed to be never-ending doctors appointments, surgeries, trips to Emory, hospital visits, and endless blood work. Where has it gone? Holidays that I would have normally marched the girls out to get their pictures taken were quickly overshadowed by sickness. When I look at the pictures of my girls, they were just babies when all this happened. They had no idea what was going on. My youngest was barely 18 months and very dependent, her big sister, only 21 months older was very demanding. I went through stages where I had no energy at all to even function, let alone take care of my girls 24-7. God provided help through friends and family and gave me supernatural strength.
When I found out I was chosen to have a photo session with Kimberly Pope, I was beyond excited, a flood of memories washed over me. Although I had missed capturing the memories during the midst of our trials, this is a victorious way to celebrate the ways that God had provided and blessed our family! We are very grateful for this opportunity this weekend!

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